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Service and Goodness is Contageous

In about 2018 Nicki and I were in Illinois, visiting President Abraham Lincoln's winter home. While there, I was visiting with a lady who wanted to know more about our foundation and what we do. I explained to her that wherever we go, we try to make a difference. We do not care what religion a person is or what their backgrounds are. Nowhere in the Bible does it say, "What religion are you?". The kind lady was intrigued. She said, "I will never be able to go to Peru to go and help there." She opened up her wallet and pulled out five twenty dollar bills and handed them to me.  She said, "Put it to work. God bless you." Her husband was sitting there beside her listening to the conversation. He said, "I won't be outdone by you", then opened up his wallet and pulled out another five, twenty dollar bills and handed them to me. They then told me that they would put me on their prayer roll in the Presbyterian church.

I was amazed and overcome with their kindness and charity towards me, a stranger. I'm filled with gratitude for good people in the world. Service and goodness truly is contageous!

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