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Reach out and learn

Reach Out And Learn made an incredible impact in Peru from April 21 to 29, 2023, with the Maternal-Fetal Health event, titled "Train Many, Who Train Others, Who Help Many in Need". The aim of this Maternal-Fetal Health/Service Leadership Training was to deliver in-depth training to Peruvian professionals on critical techniques and treatments for the care of mothers and babies during pregnancy and after delivery.


Conference recap

The Training Program

This "Learn Together" course engaged U.S. maternal-fetal professionals to instruct Peruvian doctors, nurses, and midwives. The focus was on addressing prevalent issues related to expectant women and newborns. Trained professionals were then assigned the duty of educating hundreds of their colleagues on advanced techniques and treatments, thus elevating the standard of care delivered.

The participants also received Service Leadership training. This unique aspect of the program was designed to tackle leadership issues, enabling better collaboration amongst health professionals.

The Urgent Need

Maternal-Fetal Health is an area of great concern in Peru. Sadly, the team learned that in the three months before their arrival, 10 women had passed away in one hospital in one of the cities where training took place. This highlighted the urgency and importance of disseminating best practices and the latest information on topics that improve the health quality among women and infants.

Broadening Horizons

Participants were encouraged to bring family and friends to the event to support the Maternal Fetal Health education effort. The group had the opportunity to visit high Andean villages, orphanages, and other facilities. They also explored the Peruvian culture with tours of the Sacred Valley, including Machu Picchu.

The Trainers

Several accomplished professionals, including Bardette Faucett, MD, Sean Esplin, MD, Mark Dowdle, MD, Ty Erickson, MD, Daniel Woodhead, RT, Lynette Mittlesteadt, RN, were among the trainers. They successfully trained hundreds of Peruvian doctors, nurses, and midwives on detailed newborn resuscitation and women's health issues related to childbirth and pregnancy.

The Outcome

The training significantly benefited obstetras, who deliver 90% of all babies in Peru and other South American countries. These professionals often lack adequate training in high-risk deliveries, making this course highly impactful.

The Itinerary

The itinerary consisted of a mix of training, cultural experiences, and travel within Peru. The organizers underlined the importance of safety during the trip, providing a website with safety tips and advising participants to be vigilant. The activities included hospital visits for training, hands-on learning, and exploration of significant cultural and historical sites. This successful event highlighted the necessity and effectiveness of such programs, marking a significant milestone in improving maternal and fetal health in Peru.

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